Ep 16: Marshall Culpepper – Open Source Space Cowboy

Marshall Culpepper, CEO of KubOS, has been involved in open source since before most of us we’re in, uh… college, probably. Learning to program at a young age, we didn’t have that much time on the podcast so go find another show he was on and listen to it there.

This week we talk about the final frontier, how Marshall plans to conquer it through metal cubes, making money on free software, and how you can turn a toaster into a sky laser.

Show Notes

Kubos: www.kubos.com
KubOS RT: github.com/kubostech/kubos/tree/master/kubos-rt
KubOS Linux Build: github.com/kubostech/kubos-linux-build
Buy parts for your own cubesat: www.cubesatshop.com

How to reach Marshall

Twitter: twitter.com/marshall_law
Email: [email protected]