Ep 15: Juli James – Journalism, Game Engines, and Women Who Code

Juli James never thought playing 80 hours of Zelda would turn into a bullet point on her resume. With a background in journalism, Juli treaded a decision to either focus on her journalism career or going into academics. Of course, then her and her colleagues received a grant to develop a game engine for journalists while moving to Texas which they eventually turned into a new company, Playable Media. Juli is also a big advocate to support and empower women in technology by leading the local Denton chapter for Women Who Code through regular workshops and meetups.

We talk to Juli about all things journalism, game design, education, and how the heck you even build a game engine this week on the TechMill Podcast.

Playable Media Story Builder: playablemedia.org
Twine: twinery.org
News Games Book: mitpress.mit.edu/books/newsgames
Women Who Code: www.womenwhocode.com
Startup Weekend for Designers: www.techstars.com/content/communit…startup-weekend/

Contact Juli:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/juli.james
Instagram: @wakeuplaughing
Twitter: twitter.com/wakeuplaughing