LittleDOCC | Open Coffee Club

LittleDOCC Meetup

LittleD Open Coffee Club (aka, LittleDOCC), is a twice monthly moderated chat about the latest in technology, startups, digital lifestyle, and business. We meet every other Tuesday morning from 8am to 9am, hosted at a coffee shop in Denton. In the past it has been hosted at Seven Mile Coffee, Jupiter House, The WhiteHouse, Banter Bistro, and others, but we've settled down into one of our favorite shops in town - West Oak Coffee Bar on the square.

We want to grow and support Denton’s tech and startup communities. Based on the popular Boulder OCC, LittleDOCC is a simple event format built around community, jobs, and fostering relationships across a variety of disciplines.

What do we talk about? Great question!

  • Recent startup/tech news
  • Local community events
  • Anything you want!

The conversation is really up to the attendees, and whatever is on your mind that morning. In the past we've talked about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, teaching kids to code, big data and disrupting industries - the list goes on. If you would like to moderate one morning, let us know! You can check out the upcoming events on Meetup.