TechMill’s Grand Opening at Banter

Banter Bistro in Denton

We’ve been humbled by the outpouring of love and support from our North Texas startup community.

Since we began this journey, we’ve promoted the philosophy of bootstrapping. Our IndieGoGo campaign was our way of carefully measuring community need to better understand the type of co-working space Denton wants. While we are shy of our campaign’s funding goal, we’re forging a path forward using the bootstrap methodology we started with. Now that we have an accurate measurement of the community’s needs and appetite, we can build the co-working space you want!

On Friday, August 8th, we will celebrate the grand opening of TechMill: Denton’s first co-working community, located right in the heart of the spot that made our very existence possible: Banter!

TechMill will be a very unique kind of co-working space, offering shared working tables that are integrated directly into the community. These tables will be completely open for anyone to use for FREE.

We will also offer memberships with amenities at an extremely low cost: $50/month or $5/ day gets you:

  • Free coffee and tea
  • 10% discount on food and espresso at Banter
  • Priority seating on shared tables
  • Access to a locking cabinet for storing equipment when out during the day

Our tables will be located at the very front of Banter, and accommodate 6-8 people each. Each table will also have a power hub so no one has to go fishing for power! We have also helped Banter accommodate a larger network load by upgrading the WiFi network.

Come join us at Banter Friday, August 8th, at 6:30 PM, check out Denton’s new co-working space, and share drinks with our founders and members! Let’s party!