Intro to the Denton Startup Community

We just had our awesome annual Bootstrap Denton party last week where we get the entire Denton tech / creative community together to showcase unique organizations in the area to talk about what they’re working on and how we can get involved. This is great for our local community, but we’re also part of a greater community – the entire North Texas region. With this, Denton is featured as one of the major regional communities in the area startup publication, LaunchDFW. Who has 2 thumbs and is our regional editor? This guy.

For those of you new or interested in the Denton startup/tech community, this post is going to highlight all the basics for you to get started. Luckily, we’re pretty and keep things nice and short – so here we go.

Meetups and Events

We try and keep as many events as we can on our Meetup calendar you can find at Of course, this won’t have everything (what do you think we are, mind readers?), but we’ll have a lot. It’s also a community calendar that we have other curators adding to, so here’s the gist:

  • LittleD Open Coffee Club, every other Tuesday morning, 8am at West Oak Coffee.
  • APIs & IPAs, every other Tuesday (opposite of LittleDOCC), 6:30pm at Harvest House.
  • Arduino Meetup, once a month at The Forge located at North Branch Library
  • NodeSchool Denton, once or twice a month on the weekends.
  • WomenWhoCode, a new meetup supporting female developers and entrepreneurs
  • Bootstrap Denton: Community Workshop Series, once a month we hold a 2-hour workshop on a topic that benefits local freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Topics cover sales, marketing / social media, tech (web/mobile development), design, and anything else in that realm.
  • BootConf, a one-day conference focused on the lean startup methodology and teaching others how to bootstrap their own business.
  • Denton Mini Maker Faire, a family friendly event promoting makers and educating kids about technology.

We also feature a number of other events that are seasonal like Startup Weekend Denton, Big D Big Data Hackathon at the UNT Innovation Greenhouse, North Texas Apps Challenge, open data hackathons and meetups with Open Denton, the occasional LaunchDFW Startup Happy Hour, and of course, our annual Bootstrap Denton Creative Mixer event.

Organizations to get involved with

We love our local organizations, they’re the ones who feed this community. There’s no shortage of them, that’s for sure, so here’s a list and find your crowd.

  • TechMill, your local non-profit startup community builders. We do events, and a number of other tech/startup things.
  • Open Denton, a community open data initiatives focused on public data, government transparency, and citizen engagement.
  • Denton Maker Collective, you local maker crew focused on hardware and all things physical — currently working on a makerspace.
  • Startup UNT, student organization connecting, educating, and supporting creative student entrepreneurs through events in the community.
  • Hub & Spoke, your local sustainable startup and focused on social enterprise and entrepreneurs for good.

There are a number of others like Minecraft Code Club, UNT Innovation Greenhouse, etc — so don’t think this list is end-all-be-all, get out there and find your group.

Exciting Startups and Companies

We have a number of great companies and startups in the area, so we’re going to highlight a few, but there’s actually a BIG wiki list online now, so feel free to take a look at that and check out all the rest we’ve found.

  • Premium Beat, provides handpicked production music from the world’s leading composers for film, video and media projects.
  • Kubos, building nano satellites and an open source software platform for your own space projects.
  • DrawAttention, makes whiteboards and blackboards for laptops.
  • ReadyRosie, helps communities scale their PreK efforts by putting high quality tools directly into the hands of their parents every day.
  • Swash Labs & Square205, both awesome and talented creative agencies who are obviously in love with Denton.
  • From The Future, gaming and mobile app development. They’ve worked on nearly every gaming platform known to humankind.

Like I said, be sure to check out the Wiki, there’s more than we can cover, and we invite any other companies to definitely let us know and get on that list. We love being in the know.

What You Can Expect From The Scene

Well now, that’s a loaded statement if I’ve ever seen one. You can expect community love like you’ve never experience before. We cherish our relationships in the community and thrive on building density. I’m not sure if you ever witnessed it, but Dentonites are very passionate about their community and make sure you feel included, and you can expect this from any meetup we run or event we hold. It’s not about us, it’s about you. We’re here to help you grow as entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, students, etc – it doesn’t matter, if you want to learn and grow, dive into the community and have a drink with us (coffee is incredibly prevalent in this town).

As always, feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or need any help – that’s why we’re here.