Bootstrap Denton Workshop Series

Hey guys, this is Kyle with Techmill. and I was going to write a blog post about this but I got pretty far along and my computer restarted, so I was too frustrated to try and rewrite it so I’ll just try and remember what I said and say most of that so hopefully this will come a little bit more naturally.

Denton has always been known to have this really strong creative class. I mean, we’ve seen this through our art scene, our music scene and now it’s coming through with our tech scene. So we’ve been working with the tech scene and representing the tech scene for the past year and half or two years now. I brought Startup Weekend Denton to Denton two years ago, so we’ve had two and we will have a third one this year. We have a really strong maker community, we have a really strong tech community. We actually have a really strong remote tech workforce. So there are a lot of people who work in Denton for large tech companies outside of Denton.

Techmill is really trying to bring the people out of the woodworks who are in this tech creative community, and it’s really great! So, we’ve been having a lot of really great events, such as APIs & IPAs which is our biweekly tech drink up. We also have our biweekly, on Tuesday morning, Little DOCC (Little D Open Coffee Club) where people come together and we talk about: new startup things that are going on in the community, regionally, what new frameworks are released, what did Apple release, what did Samsung release, what new startups are coming out, what new laws are being placed. Just getting the whole community involved about what’s going on. So going along these events, I realized talking with a number of people that there are a lot of independent contractors or freelancers or people who are doing their own thing. We have a really strong entrepreneurial spirit in Denton. It’s great, because we want to see more jobs in Denton, more companies be created in Denton. It’s a great thing for the city and for the community. It really puts us on the map as this tech hub, that Denton is a place to go for technology.

The city has done a great job supporting us over the past couple of years. They’ve really stepped up and the community has stepped up and a lot of independent groups such as Techmill and even individuals on their own [have stepped up]. So what I realized is that a lot of the meetups – so if you want to learn something new, we have very limited number of meetups here, but you can go to Dallas, you can go to Plano, Frisco, Ft Worth. There are more cities that have other events. That’s something that’s a little lacking in Denton. Everyone in Denton - we have a lot of people that know a lot of stuff. Really smart, bright, intelligent people who know a lot of things.

So, we are starting this new workshop. It’s called “Bootstrap Denton”. It’s a community workshop series that’s designed to bring together and educate entrepreneurs who want to learn new things and to build their company from the ground up. Everyone knows something, everyone knows something that someone else doesn’t. I’m a web developer, I know web development but I don’t know graphic design but I would really like to learn how to use Illustrator. Some people know marketing and social media, but they don’t know to write contracts or do project management.

This new workshop series, it will either be biweekly or once a month. We will kind of figure that out as we go along. It is aimed to provide a freeway: (a) for the community to get together and (b) for you to learn something new that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s a little more engaging than “Oh, I can watch this tutorial for free online or I can read these books…”. We have people in our community who do this every single day for a living. Getting these people out and talking to a group of people who want to learn, it’s great for our community.

So, I’m really excited! Today is June 26th, so tomorrow on June 27th will be our first one over Project Management. We have Brent Bice from LevelTen Interactive. [Brent is] a UNT Alum, really great guy. I work with him ;). He has a great presentation, I can’t wait for you guys to see it. We will also be putting up a website and a form so you can submit “What do you know”, “What could you teach” and “What do you want to know”, “What do you want to learn”. I can’t wait to see what the series looks like. We have a really big closing event coming up as well, which we’ll talk more about that later. Other than that, that’s all I got for you guys. I think this was better than a blog post. Maybe I’ll transcribe it just for some content.

Thanks! Hopefully we will see you guys tomorrow!