Before TechMill even started, most of us had been organizing events independently from each other for some time. We weren’t organizing them because we were trying to turn a profit or make a sale - we were organizing them because we wanted to find other people just like us. People who were working to start their own company, build their next cool project, or just find someone to sit down, order a drink, and have a conversation with. That’s really the core of what events are for TechMill - a way to find your stride.

The best lesson we’ve learned from running events so far is: be consistent. While it’s easy to run a one-off event on a random weekday night, we also know that not everyone checks the calendar regularly. We wanted to create a few consistent, casual meetups that you can never miss and always find someone there to chat with. Interested in what’s new going on in the tech scene? Join us at LittleDOCC. Did Monday suck? Join us for a drink at APIs & IPAs. Now while those are the two regular events, there are countless side projects and extended meetings and dinners that will come out of those based on conversations you’ll have - we guarantee it.

In addition to our regular events, we work on a number of other events throughout the year to bring people together, educate the community, and collectively push our community forward. Events like our TechMill Workshop Series, a one-day conference like Bootstrap Denton, a mind-blowing and fun Startup Weekend Denton, and even our annual creative mixer, Bootstrap Denton.

Events are at the heart of our organization, and they go hand-in-hand with community. We have events for the people, and the people are here for events - everything else is up to you.