One of the reasons TechMill started was to bring a face and organization to supporting startups and entrepreneurs right here in Denton, in addition to creating a culture and community that entices and invites high growth and tech based companies outside of Denton to move here. Not only does it support the local economy, but it also helps address the thousands of students who attend the local universities only to end up leaving or working in the greater metroplex because there is no place for them to work right here.

Denton, being an already ideal place to live, work, and play with our low cost of living and vibrant culture - there is much less overhead in terms of operating costs, making the area ripe for innovation and new business.

This brings up two separate challenges:

  1. It’s difficult to convince companies to move here when there is a low density of technology professionals in town to support their needs and growth as a business. Being the nature of technology startups, they need advanced and skilled professionals to build their product(s). If there is no local workforce to support them, then those companies move out into other areas around DFW.
  2. While our universities in town, University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University, are top notch schools in education and research - there is still much to be desired in terms of modern technology and software that are not up to speed with this growing industry. Programming languages and tools that the majority of these startups use are just not taught in the classroom.

This is a gap we aim to fill. TechMill, the board and the community, is made up of individuals and companies who are constantly working and innovating in these fields. Through this, we provide free and paid training opportunities and workshop sessions to bring students, freelancers, and anyone else up to speed on the current technologies being implemented and developed in Silicon Valley and other regions.

In addition to this, if you work in modern technology stacks or would like to share your experience - whether it’s technology, marketing, sales, business development, or any others - and are interested in volunteering your time to mentor or schedule a workshop, we would be happy to hear from you! Email us or use the contact form on our site.