Common Threads

I’m awestruck by the growth, collaboration, and comradery shown by the Denton and wider DFW startup community lately.

Last week, we publicly launched TechMill, an Indiegogo campaign for Cowork Denton, and announced our first startup conference for Denton: BootConf. In the first week since our campaign launched, we’ve already reached 13% of our total funding goal — a huge milestone. That’s phenomenal!

To cap this off, the day after our campaign launched, The Grove also launched their Indiegogo campaign to expand their space in Dallas, due to unprecedented growth!

Late last week, I had the pleasure of talking with Justin Nygren, co-owner of The Grove, about the spirit of collaboration and resource sharing in the DFW startup community. Justin proposed that we show solidarity by donating to each other’s campaigns today. In support of Justin’s proposal, TechMill will be contributing directly to the Grove’s expansion campaign.

On top of this, Justin and I are asking all members of both the Grove, and future members of Cowork Denton, to donate directly to each other’s campaigns. As Justin likes to say, “This is the new economy.”

The common threads we share with the Dallas startup community are too numerous to list here, but this is our region’s attempt to lead by example. Let’s show the rest of the state how our metroplex values collaboration over competition, and community over selfishness.