TechMill - Community

Without community, TechMill would not exist - but then again, “you” are the one thing we’re good at. Without you, there is no TechMill, there are no meetups, there is no community.

There are two rules we instill in our members and all events that we do, and they’re very, very simple.

1. Show up.

We get this question a lot, “How can I get involved in the community?” While we do have a lot of things going on ranging from our regular events, workshops, partnering with other organizations - the first step to getting involved is honestly just showing up. There is no community without people, and being there is the first step in supporting the community.

2. Give First.

Great communities are not built on greed, narcissism, or hate. They’re built on camaraderie, support, and high fives. When you join our community, head to a meetup, and strike up a conversation with someone about their current projects or goals, we encourage you to ask, “How can I help?”

Those four words will go farther than you can ever imagine. You may not see it now, but we have witnessed this first hand on a number of occasions, and your generosity will come back 3, 5, or 10 fold what you put in.

With the number of events TechMill puts on, we try to support a variety of topics and times so everyone has a chance to get involved, even if it’s just once. Drink coffee with us in the mornings at LittleDOCC, have a beer with us in the evenings at APIs & IPAs, or maybe come play video games with us at one of our experimental social events. While life can be difficult, exhausting, and busy - make a little time for peers and expand your network, even if it’s by just one person. You’ll never know who you’ll meet.