The Bolter

The Bolter

TechMill is launching a part-time developer workshop series called The Bolter. The program is guided mentorship through a series of lessons covering the topics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you're looking for a career change, or are a student wanting to supplement your academic experience with modern software development skills, this is for you. The course is structured to use the existing framework built by Epicodus, a coding boot camp out of Portland, that establishes a standard for course material, practice assignments, and homework.

Broken up over 8 weeks. We will kick it off by covering the basics of Git and Github, common tools of the trade for the modern web developer. After that, we will get into the structure of the web, HTML & CSS, and a popular front-end framework called Bootstrap. In the second half, we will introduce jQuery, JavaScript, and programming concepts.

As an alpha program, we will be covering a lot of material very quickly. Attendance and persistence will be key in your personal success in this program. Being an initial free program run by volunteers, we won't be assigning homework to be reviewed or graded. We will assign some work as a way to maintain engagement, then have you bring it back and ask questions at the following session.


This program will run every Tuesday and Thursday for 90 minutes from 6:30pm - 8pm, starting July 11th.



Build your own webpage
  • HTML Basics (I - III)
  • CSS Overview
  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS Positioning
  • Hands-on assignments

Git and Github

Modern day version control
  • The command line
  • Learning Github
  • Creating a repo
  • Commit, push, and pull
  • Branches and merging


Get started with programming
  • Variables & data types
  • Math, logic, and console.log
  • Functions and Loops
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Intro to jQuery
Intro to HTML / CSS

Intro to HTML / CSS

In this section, you will be introduced to the foundation of the web -- HTML. By working on projects, we will go over the basics of HTML, CSS, and how they work together to build a web page.

  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Overview
  • Styling and Selectors
  • Box model and cascading
  • Intro to Bootstrap

Git and Github

Git is part of every modern day developer's tool set, and we're going to walk through how to use it effectively in our workflow. We will also go over Github and how to use it for collaboration.

  • The command line
  • Learning Github
  • Creating a repo
  • Commit, push, and pull
  • Branches and merging
Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript and jQuery

As the language of the web, JavaScript is a ubiquitous tool you should learn how to use. We will use it to learn programming concepts, and for DOM manipulation using the ever popular JavaScript library, jQuery.

  • Variables & data types
  • Intro to jQuery
  • Functions and loops
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Console.log and debugging

Week 1 / 2

Tues, July 11th

  • Overview of HTML / CSS / Git
  • Intro to Command Line
  • Atom & Github Overview

Thurs, July 13th

  • Setting up Git & Github
  • Tracking changes and branching
  • Markdown and

Tues, July 18th

  • HTML Elements: Block
  • HTML Elements: Inline
  • HTML5 Specs

Thurs, July 20th

  • CSS: Styling Text
  • HTML / CSS Debugging
  • Github Pages

Week 3 / 4

Tues, July 25th

  • Classy CSS
  • Divs and Spans
  • Floats, not boats

Thurs, July 27th

  • CSS box model
  • The C in CSS (cascade)
  • Media queries / responsive design

Tues, August 1st

  • Intro to Bootstrap
  • Components & Grids
  • Implementing Bootstrap

Thurs, August 3rd

  • Customizing Bootstrap
  • Navigating documentation
  • Recreating sites with Bootstrap

Week 5 / 6

Tues, August 8th

  • JavaScript overview
  • Development resources
  • Strings, integers, & data types

Thurs, August 10th

  • Functions
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Calculators

Tues, August 15th

  • Intro to jQuery
  • Simple effects
  • Adding and removing classes

Thurs, August 17th

  • DOM manipulation
  • Variable scope
  • Working with forms

Week 7 / 8

Tues, August 22nd

  • Programming concepts
  • Logic & Conditionals
  • Branching

Thurs, August 24th

  • Do While Looping
  • Array Cardio
  • More cardio (it's tough)

Tues, August 29th

  • Constructors
  • Prototypes
  • JSON

Thurs, August 31st

  • Ajax
  • Callbacks
  • Validation

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We only require this data for aggregate purposes and qualifiers (confirm age, for example). This helps us determine the level of interest not just in Denton, but the surrounding area as well.

We will never sell your data to 3rd party vendors.


Like everything else, there are a few requirements to signing up for this course.

  • You are at least 16 years old
  • You agree to GitHub's Terms of Service
  • You will provide your own hardware (laptop)
  • You will provide feedback about the program.
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