About Us

TechMill was formed in 2014 by individuals working independently to improve and grow the local technology and startup community in Denton. Our group ranged from Silicon Valley veterans, seasoned entrepreneurs, startup community organizers, and university students.

By going together, we're able to go farther and push boundries that no other group has done before in Denton. At the core of our organization lies a "give first" mentality that puts community ahead all else. We support the local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses through educational workshops, networking events, and creative mixers to bring the tech and startup community together as one.

Our Team

Below you can read a little more about each of our team members and what they do in the local tech and startup community.
Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor - President

[email protected]

Dan Minshew

Dan Minshew - Treasurer

[email protected]

Danielle Gaither

Danielle Gaither - Secretary

[email protected]

Randi Skinner

Randi Skinner - Board Member, Marketing Director

[email protected]

Andy Odom

Andy Odom - Board Member, Social Media Director

[email protected]

Glen Farris

Glen Farris - Board Member

Sujey Franco

Sujey Franco - Board Member, Events Coordinator

Daniel Abasolo

Daniel Abasolo - Board Member

[email protected]

David Brunow

David Brunow - Board Member

[email protected]


Denton's startup community has seen explosive growth recently, setting the stage for unprecedented interest in our city for building startups. TechMill is a non-profit group assembled by members of the community with a common goal: make Denton the best place to start an independent, creative, bootstrapped tech business.  

With it's unique creative culture, major universities, and independent businesses, Denton has the potential to be the most unique startup city in North Texas. TechMill was founded to help Denton realize this potential. We are building, organizing, and advocating the Denton startup scene.

Ranked one of the top 25 counties for high-tech jobs

Denton County was ranked sixth on a list of the top 25 U.S. counties for high-tech jobs, according to an analysis by Progressive Policy Institute, beating out Travis County (the only other Texas county listed).

Coming Together: City officials, University leaders, and Technology Advocates

CoDenton is made up of the city’s economic development office, the University of North Texas’ Greenhouse Innovation and other local technology advocates, all coming together on a common vision for Denton as a technology destination.

Denton residents curate weekly Startup Digest

Denton residents Clarissa Redwine and Kyle Taylor curate a weekly digest promoting over 970 events this year and sent out to a community of 1700 subscribers across 45 weeks. If you’re doing the math, that’s over 77k emails that went out in 2014!

Denton opens its first coworking space

Starting first in a coffee shop called Banter and moving recently into a new space called Square 205, there is much planned by way of expansion for Denton in 2015.

Our community meets up to connect and collaborate

We've seen an increase of attendance across all types of events with new additions to the meetup calendar, including events like Startup Weekend, Little DOCC, APIs & IPAs, etc.

UNT Innovation Greenhouse Helps Launch 35 Startups

Established in 2013, The Innovation Greenhouse out of UNT has helped launch 35 student-led startups and hosted numerous programs and events in 2014.

Non-profit with a Startup Mission

The TechMill is a non-profit organization and coworking space led by a group of entrepreneurs, techies and software developers in Denton with a mission to develop and promote the city as a startup hub in North Texas.

Denton City Council Approves $220,000 for downtown tech initiative

The funding will be used to help launch an innovation district near the city’s downtown, and to organize and host programs to foster innovation and recruit even more startups to the city.